19 Mar 2018

How to Find Motivation for Fitness (Both Exercise and Eating)

For the past few years I’ve been promising myself that I will start running, but as life was always busy and I didn’t have much motivation because my only reasons to start running were purely physical and all I wanted was to lose weight, I never started. 

And now, life isn’t the most appealing one still, I can’t say my situation is the worst because you never know what others are going through, but it could be better.

Anyhow, my reasons today are those of mental and emotional foundation. I want to feel better, gain confidence and overall, be healthier so I finally made myself go for a run and I truly enjoyed it this afternoon.

To make it all cooler, today marks one month since I started Project Headway!

Before we start talking more about the mental part of the motivation, let's talking about the "materialistic" one.

Yes, materialistic. This weekend I went to a sport's clothing store and bought a sports bra, Nike top for running, running hoodie and the most comfortable leggings of all time:

By the way, I already had Addidas sneakers. 

What I’m trying to say in this post is; if you want to start running, working out or eating better and your main reason is only to lose or gain weight, it’s most likely that you won’t succeed. 

Don’t get discouraged though! Maybe you have such motivation to lose weight that you are willing to “sacrifice” anything to get to your goal and if by nature you are a determined person you will definitely lose it. 

But let’s face it, chances are you are not and that you need better motivation. So, here I am to help you.

Think about yourself for a minute, what was your mood lately? Was your confidence level high? Were you anxious and scared or sad and depressed, maybe angry or you simply felt a little down. Then, you have a high chance to lose or gain weight or just become a fitter person because finally, your reasons are something besides the looks. 

Stay motivated, dedicated and the results will come! 

Yes, I know that I make it sound so easy and in reality, it’s not, it takes time to get used to new things and the same thing is for fitness. 

Yet fitness is not just about working out, it's about food as well. Actually, food is almost the most important factor.

It’s all about the mindset, once you have pretty good reasons to get better at this or anything else in life in general, you can really make it happen!

Here is a trick, one simple sentence that a fitness coach said on TV today that really changed the way I was thinking about my eating: “If you can’t control your eating habits, you probably have no control over anything else.” Happy people simply don’t necessary indulge, happy healthy people. 

You see what I’m talking about? You are the one who takes the first step towards your happiness so, indeed, this is all in your mind.

You have to take your life in your hands and finally do something about it, even if it’s not a healthier lifestyle (but I still secretly hope you consider it) because we both know you are suffering and life isn’t about that.

Life is about finding love and happiness in all shapes and sizes and once you do something like this, you simply become happier and you start loving yourself more.

I hope this post inspires you, that finally you will do something about your life either it being running or studying more or whatever really because life is short and you need to make it count and I believe you can!

Are you going to start running or exercising or just simply start eating healthier?

Tell me in the comments and in the meantime follow my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin' for more.

‘Til the next time,
Nora xx

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