15 Mar 2018

How to Feel More Accomplished First Thing in the Morning

On Twitter, you voted for me to do a morning routine which makes me feel accomplished.

Since I had a lot of free time in the past few months I would wake up at 11 a.m. or noon. It made my day feel unproductive, saggy and dull. I continued that way until I've realized it was time to start truly living and quit Instagram scrolling 'til the late hours of the night.

Make sure to read the whole post to see what really makes you feel the most wonderful feeling, the feeling of accomplishment.

1. Sleep earlier

And there was my first decision, I would go to sleep before 1:00 a.m.

I know it sounds ridiculous since those hours are still late, but for me, in order to get used to something I need to take things slower. Still, don't them too slow, you will need to go to sleep earlier, but no matter, if you force yourself or if not your body will need extra rest after you apply the next step.

Before you do that, check out this bonus tip:
  • If you are going to sleep let's say at 11:15 p.m. and you really want to scroll through your Instagram, watch a Youtube video or do whatever on your phone (or tablet, laptop etc.), set an alarm at the time you want to turn off your phone and go to sleep exactly then.

2. Wake up earlier

I know you've heard these two tips thousand times, but there is simply no good morning routine if you don't wake up early. And that is why I've finally made a decision to wake up at least before 9. The same thing as above, it will take some time for me to start waking up before 8 and until then I'm happy that I had stopped eating lunch for breakfast.

So, what you need to do here? Nothing, just wake up before 9:00 a.m. and if you are a lazier person like me try to do this trick: slowly and surely get used to things.

What does this give you? First, it gives you confidence that you can accomplish whatever you want, no matter how small this might seem at a beginning, it's a big step towards your self-improvement.

3. Take a Shower and Complete the Hygene part

When you feel good, you look good, when you look good, you feel good. Complicated as it sounds, might be the realest quote out there.

Take a shower first thing in the morning, not only will you feel hydrated, but also achieved one more time. This gives you a feeling that you are not lazy, that you take of your body and that is the feeling of accomplishment.

Also if you use makeup, make yourself look pretty first thing so you gain some confidence right away.

4. Make a healthy breakfast & drink this:

The importance of healthy breakfast... I'm sure you've heard it million times, but why is it so important?

First of all, it will make you feel full and then you will eat less throughout the day, second of all it will make you feel exactly what we've been talking about in this post: accomplished. You will actually make yourself something. No matter is it oatmeal or scrambled eggs, you got yourself going.

I think you already understand how important it is for you to feel like that in order to gain confidence instantly in the morning.

One bonus tip: drink warm water either with lemons or apple cider vinegar. Those two ingredients are super alkaline and will make your digestion going on! Also, both of those liquids will make your acne go away.

5. The really most important one: Do something you hate

By this, I mean for you to do something you've been delaying for a while because it doesn't make you feel comfortable.

For example, yoga. This morning I did stress relief yoga and it made me feel so good today! I've been thinking of doing this for so long and would procrastinate, but I've found a way to motivate myself - my health.

Most likely, the thing you hate the most is an activity, maybe it's working out, maybe it's meditating, maybe it's yoga, maybe it's just walking to the store or seeing an old friend. No matter which situation is yours, do it!

Do this next or this morning if it is morning where you live.

And that's it! Thank you for reading this and I hope your morning was/is/will be wonderful always.

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With love,

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