12 Mar 2018

How to Change Your Life with Positive Affirmations

Whether or not you believe in law of attraction, a principle that says: "believe and you shall receive.", you must believe in affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Without going further about the law, in this post I will talk about pure affirmations. Affirmations are not something you say once a day, you write it on a piece of paper and say it out loud and suddenly your whole life gets better.

Sure, it helps to write it down and say it so your subconscious mind hears it, but in order for them to show some results, you need not just say them once or twice a day, but also think about them all day long.

Today, I'm not talking about affirmations such as "(name) is in love with me" or "I have million dollars". I am talking about everyday affirmations you are saying to yourself about the way you feel.

So, to finally answer, an affirmation is every word you say in your head during the day. Every single one! Now, don't get paranoid, I still think bad thoughts, but I'm working on it and a few of them won't hurt you, but the majority will.

Think about it, when you wake up in the morning and you are rushing to your school or office and you forgot the keys or your cell phone and the first thing you say to yourself is: "Ugh, you idiot! You forget everything!" And since you repeat it every single morning and unconsciously you insult yourself every single day your mind really starts believing it and once it believes it, it manifests (or if you don't want me to use these kind of words), it becomes true, you are putting yourself down and then you forever believe that you are an idiot who always forgets its things.

Now, you must be wondering... I stay the same forever? No, that is the beauty of affirmations, you can change them at any moment.

So, for a small exercise, I suggest you instead of insulting your own self, try to say: "I forgot the keys, it's okay, I'm gonna go back to the house and get them."

The same thing goes for those who are anxious or depressed, the majority of their thoughts is bad otherwise they wouldn't be neither. They would be relaxed and happy. If you are one of those people as I am (or I used to be (I'll talk about the "used to be" term in the future posts)) you must find a way to think more positive.

I know it's hard, I know you don't want to do anything let alone force yourself to think positive, but if you just try everyday to replace at least few negative sentences in your mind with positive ones, slowly, but surely you will change for better.

If you are thinking right now: "No, I can't do that or this; I am too clumsy; I am too afraid..." Just replace those thoughts with: "Yes, I can do anything; I am skilled; I want new challenges..." and by doing it more often and often, your brain will start believing it and eventually, you will be less afraid and less depressed.

One more bonus tip: Do not use negative words such as: "I am not anxious." because your brain focuses on the word "anxious" and then you picture it in your head. Instead use: "I am calm." or "I am relaxed." and your brain will see those things and it will start believing it!

Hell, I believe in you! And I believe that you can do whatever it is that you have on your mind, no matter how tough it may seem, it's easy if you believe it, but first affirm it!

And now, a little update on my Improving my life in 365 days challenge!

I started this challenge on last Thursday, but I counted last four days of the week as week 1, so I am on a day 5 of the second week.

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