31 Mar 2018

How to Achieve Everything You Want in 30 Days

Hey guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day. In today's post I'll show you how you can achieve anything you want in 30 days from now!

On March 11th, 2018 which was exactly twenty days ago, I decided to challenge myself to improve my life. I wanted to get fitter, eat less of unhealthy foods and more healthy ones and I decided to spend more time with my friends and others.

Fortunately, I've been pretty good at it, but I think I need to find that one more activity that will make me naturally want to do those things. 

The best way to pick something that I will do every day for 30 days (and you, too!) and that will change me in the best way possible is to find something called the key activity.

The key activity is an activity from which you don't only get to do one activity, but naturally, two or three more, not because you have to or want to, but because they are simply followed by them.

Here are the examples:
  • Reading - when you are reading, (the best genre would be self-improvement books, but you're free to read fiction, too) you improve your concentration, your will to do something gets bigger and also you stop being online so much which is a huge problem today, you learn to take time off social media and other websites.
  • Working out - When you work out, you get a sense of accomplishment and you immediately become more aware of the foods you are eating. Hence, you finally start valuing food and start choosing healthier and more organic versions.
  • Walking or running outside - which is similar to the previous one, but even better because it involves nature and it makes you leave your house more often, it builds your confidence because finally you are doing something on your own and just like everything above, you start eating healthier and sleeping better. 
  • Having a hobby - Of course, this differs to one or another because it really depends which hobby is yours, but try to find that something you are passionate about to spend in your free time, it's better than spending all those hours on your laptop or iPhone. Some examples are knitting, gardening, blogging or writing, but it can be any sport which automatically combines with working out.

Yesterday I started the activity of working out, today I'll do it again and one more thing to remember is that the best way to actually stick to this because we know the beginning is the hardest is to set the exact time you'll do this activity each day or at least to do it in the same part of the day (early morning, late afternoon etc.).

Don't forget to read a new post tomorrow I'll come up with a post on how to plan these things in advance and by journalling them. Stay tuned!

Which key activity are you going to pick? Are they any more activities that you are aware of? Tell me in the comments.


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