25 Feb 2018

Monday Motivation: How to Stop Being Overwhelmed and Actually Achieve your Goals

The past week for me was maybe the best week of this year. Nothing extraordinary has happened and yet everything did! I realized one thing that was a key to unlock my free spirit and beat fear. I will talk about it more in a post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Last week I promised I would read one book and it was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, I almost read it until another book stole my attention.

I'm talking about Meditations, a book that changed my life and made me realize my priorities. No matter at which point of your life you are at right now, even if you are doing great or had hit a rock bottom, this is a must-read.

And here is a new week so new challenges are ahead of us. It's time to make some changes.

Think about it... What do you want to achieve in long-term? What is your goal a year or five years from now? Do you want to graduate or get that job you've been wanting for a while now? Or maybe you want to lose or gain weight, but you've been putting it off for tomorrow or Mondays? Guess what, it is Monday and even if you had a doughnut for breakfast, you can still have a veggie soup for dinner.

Don't get overwhelmed! It definitely can be when today we are pressured to succeed more than we are thought to calm down and stay present. That is why for this week I challenge us to meditate. I challenge us to get into our souls and realize our true desires, our dreams and how we can achieve them.

Many say meditation equals to stop thinking, but as I've been practicing it, unfortunately on and off for a few months now still, I've come to realize that meditation isn't clearing your thoughts, it is focusing on them and realizing the solutions on your problems and negative energies around you.

Let me clarify, you are sitting on your couch or a chair (because you don't need to go all Avatar on it, but there's no problem if you do) and you maybe turn on meditation music on YouTube or any calming melody in your background and you close your eyes.

The first thing you should do is breathing. Breathe, breathe as if your life depends on it because it does! I'm not talking about regular breathing, but some deep breaths, some counting. Three seconds inhale, five seconds exhale, focus on your breaths for the first few minutes and then start visualizing the things you want to change and trust me, slowly, but surely, you will see the solutions to your problems because at the end of the day, your mind does know what you need to do, it will show you the right path naturally.

Are you ready to start living and stop surviving? Then start meditating!

And remember, no matter what your goals are, have fun in the meantime.

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