About 'Project Headway'

Hello and welcome to Project Headway! I'm so happy to see you here and if you are ready to change your life for better you came to the right site. Here on my blog we will talk about self-improvement, happiness, success and everything in between.

I'm an 18-year old girl from Croatia and I was born and raised in a small, but beautiful Dubrovnik, you might know it as King's Landing if Game of Thrones is your Netflix series of choice.


The Reason Behind My Blog

I started this blog on February 19th, 2018 and there is a big reason behind it. I was bored with my life and I felt as if I didn't have anything do to so, my goal was to to try something new and that is when I found my purpose in blogging and that is when Project Headway was born.

Here I am sharing my personal stories and victories, tips and tricks on getting healthier wether it is food or emotions and just generally sharing posts about improvement and success.

This blog is dedicated to anyone that wants to succeed, anyone that had it enough and anyone that wants to achieve great things in their lifetime, because you know you can!

How Project Headway works

Almost every day I post about success, improvement, happiness and easiest ways on how to overcome your struggles.

Through this blog, I feel like I can motivate both me and other to become healthier and content human beings and I feel that its giving me a wonderful purpose.

Also I've started a challenge called "Improving my life in 365 days" which I will update on frequently in every post and you can check out all updates here or in header where the pages section is.

So, this isn't a regular motivational/addicted to success blog, it's very raw, open and honest. Am I scared? Perhaps, but I'd rather be scared at the beginning than unsatisfied at the end.

I treat this blog as my online diary by making posts each day about my struggles and the ways I've found to overcome them in order to inspire you.

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I am open to chat so if you feel like you have any questions you can direct message me on my Instagram or Twitter or you can write something below in the comment section or you can even send me an e-mail on: noraprojectheadway@gmail.com

Thank you for reading and it's time for you to live the life of your dreams!

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