7 May 2018

Today I felt a little lost, I spent the day in not exactly the greatest amount of productivity, I did wake up pretty early though, at around 9:00 a.m. I had the healthiest breakfast - oatmeal and bananas with coconut flakes and I thought that today would be different, but my negative thoughts arose and I chose not to put makeup on and not get dressed pretty and to not leave my house, I chose to waste a beautiful day.

Have you ever done something similar? Well, at least you know you are not the only one. But, here's a thing I've realized - I've been too hard on myself. Last month and the one before, March, I've done so many things that I should be proud of, I stepped out of my comfort zone extremely and met my goals for the first time in seven months! For the first time in seven months, I started living a productive and a healthy lifestyle.

That gives me hope, I fell off the track since last week, but it's just one and a half week, it's nothing, I can always get back on track and manage this again. I know I got this and so, do you? Whatever you are going through, it'll get better, I promise.

And yes, here I am, finishing one bad day, but one bad day doesn't equal a bad life. Do not give up, dream on, things will get better, they already are getting better, all you need to do is to add some effort. Well, no pain, no gain.

I thought this would be the worst day of my life, it isn't in my top ten that's for sure, but with the realization that I can actually overcome this since I almost did last month, courage and hope came to me again, but it's a process, it isn't linear, it has its ups and downs and the only that really matters is that we stay strong because we can do anything.

I can imagine how confused my readers are reading this post since I didn't exactly say what I'm going through, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is that I gave a subjective idea of what it is and an inspirational post for you so you can realize that no matter what you are going through and what brings you pain, that you can always win. Even if you haven't won before, it doesn't mean that you won't. I did once, you can as well and so can I.

And now last, but definitely not the least, I share this beautiful song for you:

Thank you for reading this and I hope I gave an inspiration to really dream on.

'Til the next time,
Nora xx

3 May 2018

I wasn't posting as much as usual this past month, but I decided to come back. I have some solid goals that I will talk about in future posts  and I want to use this blog for you to get inspired.

April... The month was exciting, achieveing, devastating, fun, overall, interesting. Many things happened; I had a boyfriend, I attended my cousins' first communion on 29th, I met many wonderful people and got an oppurtunity for a job, but still, I felt something was lacking - passion.

They say that happiness comes when you are passionate about something and I truly believe in that. I am passionate about this blog, I want to use it almost daily, it gives me hope and inspiration to overcome new obstacles and almost feel as if I was almost lost without writing posts for you guys.

Now that I'm back, let's focus on the current month, May. The month when the spring is in its peak and everything shining yet somehow today is exceptionally cloudy and rainy here in Dubrovnik, but let's look at the bright side as we always should; there's finally some rest from the sweaty weather.

This month my goal is to grow in my passion and I think it is photography. I am not completely sure in this since I didn't really use it in practice, but I love taking photographs of nature, sea, sky, people and everything else on my iPhone, it feels natural and I would love to try it with more professional equipement. So, this month I'll save some money to buy a professional camera. It will also motivate me to go to many places and in nature and practice this.

What is your passion? How do you even find it? Ask yourself this question; do you have something that you feel is somewhere, but you are not quite sure where and how to reach it? I know, it gets a little confusing, but it's really simple. Somewhere in your heart there is something you want to try out, something that you feel as if can improve you and make you feel inspired.

Think deeply about what attracts you, what do you like? It can be drawing, singing, knitting or something less artsy, like sports or simply running, maybe cooking? Those are all interesting hobbies to pursue, think about it truly... What do you really love? Don't waste any more energy on stuff you feel are boring or don't bring you any happiness.

Maybe you like editing videos or photos? Maybe it's acting or directing. It can be really anything as long as you are not harming other beings, of course. Your passion could be helping others as well, it's even greater because it makes you feel even more valueable to society, but any passion is valuable, remember that, think about yourself and make yourself a priority. Don't waste any more time, do it now. Do it all now. The time is now.

I hope this post inspired you at least a little bit. Go out there, show the world who you are, work hard and play harder.

'til the next time,
Nora xx