4 Apr 2018

Reflecting on the First Quarter of The Year

Hey, guys. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Three months of 2018 had passed already and we have just entered the forth, April. I am so excited about this month since my gut is telling me it's going to be very good! 

Nevertheless, let's first reflect on the first quarter of this year - January, February, and March.


I celebrated New Year's Eve with some friends including H and V. First, we went to other friend's house since it was her birthday and there we ate a cake and drank some alcohol, later we went to H's house. There, for the appetizer, we ate some smoked bacon, cheese, and almonds and drank good old wine and some liquors. We got really drunk so, we danced around the tables and we welcomed the New Year by listening to iconic 2000s and early 2010s pop songs.

The rest  of the month was really challenging for me, I had some issues with my family (still, nothing too serious), I didn't have a right routine and I pretty much spent it in overthinking, but there's one good thing when it comes to overthinking - eventually, you will realize stuff and you will take action.


The first part of this month was very similar to January, I had some personal struggles I needed to overcome, I didn't go out much except for school and I felt lost.

But, then came the second part of February which represents a huge shift in my thinking and my life in general. The number one thing I did was starting this blog on the 19th which inspired me big time to move forward, it made me realize that I needed a routine and certain hobbies and finally, I started taking action and changing my life for the better. I started eating healthier, but still, it took me a long time to actually learn it, I quit coffee and overthinking and just started living my life more each day.


Last month was amazing! Not saying that there weren't some struggles going on, but it was much decreased and I learned how to manage them better. I started exercising, running and walking outside, I was going out much more often and I learned to have a good time, I started valuing my friends and family more and I stopped being so afraid which did a major thing for me! 

That month I celebrated my birthday with my close friends, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had a house party at my place and it was so much fun. March was definitely a month I started taking more action, I realized that I wasn't the smartest person so, overthinking led me to nowhere and also, after a while, I started liking someone.

Overall, this year was challenging so far, but it was also much better than the last one in many ways, I am proud of the things I have overcame and the actions I made.

Let's see what the next quarter will bring, I think it's going to be amazing!

How was your first quarter of the year? Tell me in the comments!

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Nora xx

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