1 Apr 2018

How I Celebrated My Easter & Some Facts

Hey guys, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Easter is the greatest Chrisitan holiday being the day of Jesus' ressurection which proved that he was a Son fo God. His death symbolizes that he died for our sins and his ressurection, at least in my opinion, that after torture and suffering, always comes a ressurection meaning a new life, fresh start and better future. Which is inspiring if you are going through tough times at the moment. 

His ressurection is the whole reason the religion even exists.

I celebrated it with my family including my parents, brother, grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins. So, basically, everyone. We had fun at a lunch table and this photo below shows the preparations:

I totally forgot to take the photo of the whole lunch table and now, I deeply regret it because it looked so organized and good!

For the appetizer with had grandma's evergreen veil soup. Main meal consisted of roasted lamb, potatoes and a salad on the side, but the deserts were everything I was waiting for since my cheat day of the week finally arrived.

We had a poppy cake (actually, them because I didn't really like it), aunt made chocolate bomb cakes which were great, but my favorite always goes to grandma's rozata which is a Croatian (Dalmatian) version of iconic French dessert, cremme brulle.

We chatted, ate and had fun and also shared some interesting facts about Easter which I wasn't aware of before.

The reason we use eggs on this holiday is because they symbolize an empty tomb in which Jesus rested and they were also a symbol of life since Ancient Egyptian times.

Unlike in US where people go for an egg hunt, we play a game called egg tapping where two players compete in the endurance of one's egg and the winner is the one whose egg doesn't break or at least ends the last broken one.

It's a really fun tradition. Also, my grandma and mom decorated the house in a very Easter spirit.

These are "aritificial" eggs and a greeting card my little cousin gave.

And my mother got an interesting idea. She decided to make Easter more fun adn created an "Easter tree". She used olive twigs and put them into the plant we had in the house and decorated it with Easter eggs, chicks and other ornaments.

I think Easter is a very underrated holiday, it doesn't have a craze like Christmas where everyone gets gifts and celebrates in a longer period of time, but at the same time it's good it's not too comerciliazed so, people learn to appreciate the true meaning of it which at the end of the day has to do with Jesus.

I'm not a big religious person myself, but I am a Catholic and believe in God and if nothing at least this was a really good cheat day! Joke aside, I did enjoy this day.

How did you celebrate your Easter? Tell me in the comments!

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