6 Apr 2018

How I Learned to Be Strong - 4 Steps to Take

Hey guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Last night I had a conversation with my best friend K about some issues I had in the past and still have in lower amounts. She was constantly asking me to explain her my problems, but I didn't feel that I was ready, it's not that I was afraid to open up to her or that she would judge me, it's just that I don't want to talk about them with anyone.

Everyone tells you to open up, to ramble, to cry out your issues, but when is it too much? When is it the time to finally stop talking and start doing? When is it time to bury the past and eventually, let it go? Why are we constantly told to never forget our issues, to always seek for answers and to always talk, talk and talk? Sometimes, it's enough with talking, sometimes we need to be the only thing that can save us - strong.

How to be strong? How to survive and live your life when past is still on your mind?

Here is a step by step process for you to finally become a strong person that I actually managed to live.
  • Let go
You must let go, we all have to, but how do we do actually it? We do it by embracing the present, by realizing (which is not so easy) that past will never come back, that past is over, repeat this, the past is will never come back, the past is over. Embrace the present by doing stuff, you will live in the past if you don't do new things constantly, work out, go out, socialize, work, drink water, just preoccupy your mind and find ways to stay busy, but not just busy, but effective. Once you actually do something well, you will be grateful and you won't have to remind yourself to let go of the past, it will just happen.
  • Tell yourself that you are strong
This one is really important, tell yourself on a daily basis that you are smart, confident, beautiful and strong. Eventually, your mind will start believing it since it believes everything you tell it. Have you ever heard of placebo? Read more here. It's a magic pill for you, you can convince yourself that you are effortlessly strong, you can finally believe it, manipulate yourself, my friends.
  • Stop being so afraid
They say that when you are anxious or scared that you living in a future, but I definitely disagree with it. You can't live in the future since you don't know what future will bring which means you are reflecting your past on the future, this is really similar to the first step, but it's much deeper since it combines the two. You have to realize with all your precious willpower that you are not afraid, that the past can't be relived, that you always have a new opportunity and the most important, your life is so freaking short! You will die soon, you have to do something!

  • Realize your potential
Perhaps this one is the most inspiring one, realize your potential. Realize that you can be great things and achieve them, too. All it takes is to combine the past three steps and you will learn to be strong with this one, too. You weren't always lame, remember? And you don't have to be!

Are these helpful? Tell me in the comments!

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'Till the next time,
Nora xx

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