6 Apr 2018

Hey guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Last night I had a conversation with my best friend K about some issues I had in the past and still have in lower amounts. She was constantly asking me to explain her my problems, but I didn't feel that I was ready, it's not that I was afraid to open up to her or that she would judge me, it's just that I don't want to talk about them with anyone.

Everyone tells you to open up, to ramble, to cry out your issues, but when is it too much? When is it the time to finally stop talking and start doing? When is it time to bury the past and eventually, let it go? Why are we constantly told to never forget our issues, to always seek for answers and to always talk, talk and talk? Sometimes, it's enough with talking, sometimes we need to be the only thing that can save us - strong.

How to be strong? How to survive and live your life when past is still on your mind?

Here is a step by step process for you to finally become a strong person that I actually managed to live.
  • Let go
You must let go, we all have to, but how do we do actually it? We do it by embracing the present, by realizing (which is not so easy) that past will never come back, that past is over, repeat this, the past is will never come back, the past is over. Embrace the present by doing stuff, you will live in the past if you don't do new things constantly, work out, go out, socialize, work, drink water, just preoccupy your mind and find ways to stay busy, but not just busy, but effective. Once you actually do something well, you will be grateful and you won't have to remind yourself to let go of the past, it will just happen.
  • Tell yourself that you are strong
This one is really important, tell yourself on a daily basis that you are smart, confident, beautiful and strong. Eventually, your mind will start believing it since it believes everything you tell it. Have you ever heard of placebo? Read more here. It's a magic pill for you, you can convince yourself that you are effortlessly strong, you can finally believe it, manipulate yourself, my friends.
  • Stop being so afraid
They say that when you are anxious or scared that you living in a future, but I definitely disagree with it. You can't live in the future since you don't know what future will bring which means you are reflecting your past on the future, this is really similar to the first step, but it's much deeper since it combines the two. You have to realize with all your precious willpower that you are not afraid, that the past can't be relived, that you always have a new opportunity and the most important, your life is so freaking short! You will die soon, you have to do something!

  • Realize your potential
Perhaps this one is the most inspiring one, realize your potential. Realize that you can be great things and achieve them, too. All it takes is to combine the past three steps and you will learn to be strong with this one, too. You weren't always lame, remember? And you don't have to be!

Are these helpful? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Apr 2018

Hey, guys. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Three months of 2018 had passed already and we have just entered the forth, April. I am so excited about this month since my gut is telling me it's going to be very good! 

Nevertheless, let's first reflect on the first quarter of this year - January, February, and March.


I celebrated New Year's Eve with some friends including H and V. First, we went to other friend's house since it was her birthday and there we ate a cake and drank some alcohol, later we went to H's house. There, for the appetizer, we ate some smoked bacon, cheese, and almonds and drank good old wine and some liquors. We got really drunk so, we danced around the tables and we welcomed the New Year by listening to iconic 2000s and early 2010s pop songs.

The rest  of the month was really challenging for me, I had some issues with my family (still, nothing too serious), I didn't have a right routine and I pretty much spent it in overthinking, but there's one good thing when it comes to overthinking - eventually, you will realize stuff and you will take action.


The first part of this month was very similar to January, I had some personal struggles I needed to overcome, I didn't go out much except for school and I felt lost.

But, then came the second part of February which represents a huge shift in my thinking and my life in general. The number one thing I did was starting this blog on the 19th which inspired me big time to move forward, it made me realize that I needed a routine and certain hobbies and finally, I started taking action and changing my life for the better. I started eating healthier, but still, it took me a long time to actually learn it, I quit coffee and overthinking and just started living my life more each day.


Last month was amazing! Not saying that there weren't some struggles going on, but it was much decreased and I learned how to manage them better. I started exercising, running and walking outside, I was going out much more often and I learned to have a good time, I started valuing my friends and family more and I stopped being so afraid which did a major thing for me! 

That month I celebrated my birthday with my close friends, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had a house party at my place and it was so much fun. March was definitely a month I started taking more action, I realized that I wasn't the smartest person so, overthinking led me to nowhere and also, after a while, I started liking someone.

Overall, this year was challenging so far, but it was also much better than the last one in many ways, I am proud of the things I have overcame and the actions I made.

Let's see what the next quarter will bring, I think it's going to be amazing!

How was your first quarter of the year? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Apr 2018

Hello, guys. I hope you are having a wonderful day. April is here and with the new month comes a new start with new plans and goals or a fresh start for the old plans that need to be improved.

First thing you obviously need is a good old planner or what nowadays is called - a bullet journal.

Journalling or writing down your plans isn't only a great way to stay organized, but it's also a very fun process which I really enjoy. This new journal I got from my best friend K for my birthday, it's not an expensive gift, but it certainly means the world to me since it symbolizes the new chapter in my life which I was discussing a lot about with her.

Now, before I started planning for April, I focused on March and reviewed it. I did pretty well last month, I believe. I got out of my comfort zone, went out a lot, ate moderately healthy, I hope this month goes better when it comes to that etc.

How are you going to do it?

Simply, divide your goals into different categories: health, social, personal development, social media, business or whatever else and write under them the goals that you had and then tick the box if you had accomplished them. 

Then, I wrote down a little more; some accomplishments, things I learned, things I need to work on and other. Here I blurred some things for the sake of privacy, I hope you understand.

 How are you going to do it?

You don't need to copy exactly my questions, ask yourself questions deep down for the previous month, what you need to improve, what you actually did and you are proud of and anything that comes to your mind, be specific, write more than I did if you want, lose yourself in your thoughts for a moment.

Now that I reviewed March, I focused on April and new goals and challenges:

Basically, this month I want to increase last month's successes, work more on my blog by writing posts daily, get healthier and lose 3 kg (I said 5, but I don't know if that is too much), study more and go to a job interview for a local newspaper (we'll see how that goes).

How are you going to do this?

Just write down your to-dos for the month, some events and goals, it's really simple.

And the last, but definitely not the least, is my daily time table planner!

I have to admit, I got this idea from bulletjournal.com. It's the most simple daily log and it makes you even more productive because you are planning hourly, it's better than just writing down a few tasks. 

What happened to me is that I saw how much time in a day I actually had which I haven't realized before and how precious time really is.

I garantee you, this will make you more productive since you become more aware of hours in a day and therefore, you are able to plan smarter.

Before taking these photos I was sitting in my yard and I was reading a book while eating Alpro dark chocolate pudding (not sponsored, but I wish!), it tastes like a regular pudding, but has around 90 calories per 100 grams which is nothing! I definitely recommend for you to buy it and it's not bitter, don't worry!

And yeah, the book is great, I read about fifty pages so far. It's Crime and Punishment by Fjodor Mihajlovič Dostojevski which I believe is a must-read for anyone.

And here is a mirror selfie of today. Sorry for the mess behind, soon I'll make some changes in my room so, stay tuned because I'll definitely post it.

Did you plan for April? Tell me in the comments!

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1 Apr 2018

Hey guys, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Easter is the greatest Chrisitan holiday being the day of Jesus' ressurection which proved that he was a Son fo God. His death symbolizes that he died for our sins and his ressurection, at least in my opinion, that after torture and suffering, always comes a ressurection meaning a new life, fresh start and better future. Which is inspiring if you are going through tough times at the moment. 

His ressurection is the whole reason the religion even exists.

I celebrated it with my family including my parents, brother, grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins. So, basically, everyone. We had fun at a lunch table and this photo below shows the preparations:

I totally forgot to take the photo of the whole lunch table and now, I deeply regret it because it looked so organized and good!

For the appetizer with had grandma's evergreen veil soup. Main meal consisted of roasted lamb, potatoes and a salad on the side, but the deserts were everything I was waiting for since my cheat day of the week finally arrived.

We had a poppy cake (actually, them because I didn't really like it), aunt made chocolate bomb cakes which were great, but my favorite always goes to grandma's rozata which is a Croatian (Dalmatian) version of iconic French dessert, cremme brulle.

We chatted, ate and had fun and also shared some interesting facts about Easter which I wasn't aware of before.

The reason we use eggs on this holiday is because they symbolize an empty tomb in which Jesus rested and they were also a symbol of life since Ancient Egyptian times.

Unlike in US where people go for an egg hunt, we play a game called egg tapping where two players compete in the endurance of one's egg and the winner is the one whose egg doesn't break or at least ends the last broken one.

It's a really fun tradition. Also, my grandma and mom decorated the house in a very Easter spirit.

These are "aritificial" eggs and a greeting card my little cousin gave.

And my mother got an interesting idea. She decided to make Easter more fun adn created an "Easter tree". She used olive twigs and put them into the plant we had in the house and decorated it with Easter eggs, chicks and other ornaments.

I think Easter is a very underrated holiday, it doesn't have a craze like Christmas where everyone gets gifts and celebrates in a longer period of time, but at the same time it's good it's not too comerciliazed so, people learn to appreciate the true meaning of it which at the end of the day has to do with Jesus.

I'm not a big religious person myself, but I am a Catholic and believe in God and if nothing at least this was a really good cheat day! Joke aside, I did enjoy this day.

How did you celebrate your Easter? Tell me in the comments!

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