4 Mar 2018

Here is A Reason that Makes You Give Up

This past week wasn't the best one of my life exactly, still I can't say it was the worst one, but it definitely wasn't in my top ten that's for sure.

I didn't stick to any routine like the week before and the weather was rainy and the skies were grey which just made me feel even sadder. I spent the week in overthinking, fortunately there is one good thing when it comes to overthinking - eventually, you will realize the issues especially if you have extra free time like me.

I didn't leave my house that often except for school because the weather made me depressed and the thoughts of the future a little anxious, I would say. I was scrolling through my Instagram and was looking at these photos of my locals and other people from around the world and I kept thinking how wonderful lives they must lead. God, even if they are not wonderful, at least they have wonderful accounts and earn money or least they look good and have many friends. I'd rather be sad during those circumstances than my current ones.

But... finally, in the agony of Instagram perfection, I have realized what was making me sad for so long - comparison.

Some people manage to have their lives seem so golden, so aesthetically pleasing, so effortless, yes, that's the best word - effortless. They make it seem so easy to have fun and have boyfriends/girlfriends, go to the expensive restaurants each week, eat desserts, yet thrive at the gym and have their perfect bodies.

And then there are others, us, the ones whose lives are left in pending, whose lives we are trying to make better, we, who are in progress. We can't achieve hundred percent success overnight, we are in progress and we can't compare ourselves to the ones that had passed these hard times.

We need to realize that the only way we can stay on track is to stop comparing ourselves with the ones in totally different situations. For example, think about pears and apples, they seem similar in the beginning until apples become rounder and pears get this trianglesque shape. They were both born as seeds, but as they are developing and growing, they change their tastes and shapes and go in different ways, the same thing is with humans. We are all coming from different types of lives, we have all been through something different. I hope this comparison makes sense, anyway...

You have to realize once and for all, if you want to look like those Instagram models or any other role model that you might have in your life right now, you need to stop comparing yourself with that person, but you can stay inspired, you can still look at their photos and see yourself as living the similar life in future, but your progress is different, you can't compare yourself to someone that is already at the finish line while you are at the beginner's level.

Stay inspired, but don't be compare.

Comparison is sneaky, it makes you feel guilty so you give up quickly. Don't give up!

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