9 Mar 2018

Two Ingredients for Making 2018 Your Year and Beyond

On Twitter, I asked you to vote for which post should make and most votes went to "2018 goals".

My biggest question this year for myself was; What do I even want? Don't get me wrong, I sort of knew what I wanted, but I wasn't sure where to start, how to do it and most of my goals I would set too high.

Many tell you to set the biggest goals and I still think that's amazing because that is what I'm doing for myself, but if you set the goals too high you might fall at your first failed try and drown in disappointment.

Think about it, your goal was maybe to lose weight this year. Let's say 20 pounds and you set yourself that you will lose those 20 pounds in the first two months by eating healthy and exercising.

And then what happened? On January 1st you were hangovered, on January 2nd you went out again and then on January 3rd you thought that takeaway won't hurt you. You repeated the same mistakes by January 15th and now you were stuck in indecision and worry.

Why would you set the goal that you will lose 20 pounds by March 1st if you knew that tomorrow you are going to go eat out or be too lazy to cook and workout? Why didn't you say: I will lose these pounds by summer? Making it a much more realistic resolution.

We fail because we tell ourselves that this time it's going to be different, that this time you'll have more will power, that by the time clock hit midnight you immediately changed into another person.

Do you follow me? Once you realize that you probably won't change that drastically and that you need to take smaller steps, the disappointment won't exist.

Accept the fact that you're not perfect and that you can't change overnight. That is when you finally make change.

As I wrote in my journal: Don't be too hard on yourself, still don't be too easy on yourself. So, this doesn't only apply to weight loss or weight gain, this can be applied on any other goal.

The most important thing is give yourself time for goals that need it and find balance, it's all life is about.

An example here is if you want to get better at school or college. If you are lazy, you probably won't study a week before the next exam. So, for your next assignment study two days ahead or at least study twice in a same day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening, give yourself breaks, just tell yourself that you can do it and eventually you will create a habit of studying smarter.

And the other most important thing is motivation. We as humans are jealous by nature and therefore jealousy drives us in certain ways, but if we want to take the veil and turn jealousy into something good, all we have to do is to use it to motivate ourselves by using an example of more successful people, people that we're jealous of.

Use time and jealousy in your favor and you will be who you always wanted to be.

Besides all that, today is also day 2 of "Improving my life in 365 days" series meaning I have 363 days left. Yesterday on International Women's Day was my day one and it was a pretty good day.

I exercised, ate the healthiest I could considering I went to cafe and movies later with my best friend and most importantly, I stayed positive.

Still, that doesn't mean that yesterday I didn't feel off and sad, but still I managed to have a good day and I think that's great.

All I applied and all I'm still applying to make 2018 my year and beyond are those two tips, now using jealousy isn't the best thing, but to prove others wrong is almost as good as proving our own selves.

What do you think about these tips? Tell me more in the comments and in the meantime follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

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