27 Mar 2018

Climbing a Hill

Today I decided to climb a local hill, it is 155 meters long and it was a good road!

I was walking through my hometown for an hour and a half and burned around 350-400 calories since I also ran a little bit.  

Let me tell you, it was hard and I got super sweaty, but once I climbed the hill, I couldn't be happier or more peaceful. It was a beautiful day today and I decided to use it for something good.

The sea was calm, the sunshine was in the air and being surrounded by nature made me so serene. Well, at least after I got my heart rates up and sweated off all of my frustration and stress.

I really believe that anyone should do this at least once in a while. For my case, I'll start walking and running daily, not always until the top of the hill, but on straight roads. Both fortunately and unfortunately, most streets are hilled in this town, they are not high, but still, they make you tired. 

It's fortunate for me because I'll burn more calories and get into better shape, but still unfortunate because I don't have straight roads to run on.

I think people should appreciate nature more, I believe I am lucky to live in a country where trees are gardens are a frequent thing, but in the bigger cities, it is not a regular thing to be around nature.

I am thinking of becoming more concious about global warming or maybe try veganism, but I am still not sure what I have to do. I'll keep you updated on this in my next posts!

Do you enjoy walking in nature? Tell me your opinions in the comments!

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