7 Mar 2018

Improving My Life in 365 Days: March (24/365)

When I started this blog, my initial idea was to do this, to track my progress when it comes to fears, weight loss and other problems in my life. I wanted to track my self-improvement.

The idea was shuttered because I thought that nobody cares about what I'm going through, but then I realized that so many people are going through similar thing that I'm going through and why wouldn't I be an example that success is possible and achieved through small victories.

Initially as well I wanted to call this CHANGING my life in 365 days, but the I realized it just wasn't necessary. Change seems forceful, the word  improvement says growth and that is what I need.

So, here it is IMPROVING MY LIFE IN 365 DAYS 

By March 8th, 2019 I will be improved so much in every area of my life. I will be fitter, I will feel better emotionally and physically and I will do many things.

But even if I don't reach perfection when it's not even necessary, I still will be improved at least 80% than this year and finally reach the feeling of satisfaction.

Everyone says they will change this year or next year or in ten years, but I saw a wise quote that one said: "If you are wondering what are you going to feel in year five, you are not going to feel anything in year one." 

Think about it, if you are constantly thinking about future, but you are not doing anything about it in this very moment, the future remains the same because the future is the consequence of the present decisions.

Here it is Day 0 today since my journey (I hate this word) progress (what about this one?) is starting tomorrow March 8th, 2018, unintentionally on International Women's Day.

Things I will change in my life this week and since I have only four days left, the list is not the longest:

Here are my goals for the first month of the trimester, March:

1. Eating habits
2. Spending time outside
3. Hanging out with friends
4. Study
5. Walking daily
6. Morning routine
7. Buying a laptop
8. Become healthier
9. Getting my Instagram aesthetic

Th emost important task for this week is to stop beating myself up. It's the most useless thing and if I don't this perfectly that doesn't mean that I failed because I will get back on my feet again.

Do something amazing this week!

I will update this on next Wednesday until then stay tuned by following me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

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