31 Mar 2018

Hey guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day. In today's post I'll show you how you can achieve anything you want in 30 days from now!

On March 11th, 2018 which was exactly twenty days ago, I decided to challenge myself to improve my life. I wanted to get fitter, eat less of unhealthy foods and more healthy ones and I decided to spend more time with my friends and others.

Fortunately, I've been pretty good at it, but I think I need to find that one more activity that will make me naturally want to do those things. 

The best way to pick something that I will do every day for 30 days (and you, too!) and that will change me in the best way possible is to find something called the key activity.

The key activity is an activity from which you don't only get to do one activity, but naturally, two or three more, not because you have to or want to, but because they are simply followed by them.

Here are the examples:
  • Reading - when you are reading, (the best genre would be self-improvement books, but you're free to read fiction, too) you improve your concentration, your will to do something gets bigger and also you stop being online so much which is a huge problem today, you learn to take time off social media and other websites.
  • Working out - When you work out, you get a sense of accomplishment and you immediately become more aware of the foods you are eating. Hence, you finally start valuing food and start choosing healthier and more organic versions.
  • Walking or running outside - which is similar to the previous one, but even better because it involves nature and it makes you leave your house more often, it builds your confidence because finally you are doing something on your own and just like everything above, you start eating healthier and sleeping better. 
  • Having a hobby - Of course, this differs to one or another because it really depends which hobby is yours, but try to find that something you are passionate about to spend in your free time, it's better than spending all those hours on your laptop or iPhone. Some examples are knitting, gardening, blogging or writing, but it can be any sport which automatically combines with working out.

Yesterday I started the activity of working out, today I'll do it again and one more thing to remember is that the best way to actually stick to this because we know the beginning is the hardest is to set the exact time you'll do this activity each day or at least to do it in the same part of the day (early morning, late afternoon etc.).

Don't forget to read a new post tomorrow I'll come up with a post on how to plan these things in advance and by journalling them. Stay tuned!

Which key activity are you going to pick? Are they any more activities that you are aware of? Tell me in the comments.


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27 Mar 2018

Today I decided to climb a local hill, it is 155 meters long and it was a good road!

I was walking through my hometown for an hour and a half and burned around 350-400 calories since I also ran a little bit.  

Let me tell you, it was hard and I got super sweaty, but once I climbed the hill, I couldn't be happier or more peaceful. It was a beautiful day today and I decided to use it for something good.

The sea was calm, the sunshine was in the air and being surrounded by nature made me so serene. Well, at least after I got my heart rates up and sweated off all of my frustration and stress.

I really believe that anyone should do this at least once in a while. For my case, I'll start walking and running daily, not always until the top of the hill, but on straight roads. Both fortunately and unfortunately, most streets are hilled in this town, they are not high, but still, they make you tired. 

It's fortunate for me because I'll burn more calories and get into better shape, but still unfortunate because I don't have straight roads to run on.

I think people should appreciate nature more, I believe I am lucky to live in a country where trees are gardens are a frequent thing, but in the bigger cities, it is not a regular thing to be around nature.

I am thinking of becoming more concious about global warming or maybe try veganism, but I am still not sure what I have to do. I'll keep you updated on this in my next posts!

Do you enjoy walking in nature? Tell me your opinions in the comments!

25 Mar 2018

As my 19th birthday is today, I thought to do this post, I've seen it on Youtube and other blogs and I think it is a great idea.

Ugh, what can I say? Already nineteen. Being eighteen was challenging, might be the most challenging year of my life, I've become an adult and it is such a funny process from being a child to an adult, but it's worth it.

You learn to be more responsible and independent, but at the same time you still have childish qualities, you just want to have fun and go out.

I've learned so many things about myself, I've realized my true wishes and plans in life and I've realized ways to overcome obstacles on my way to them, but let's go with a countdown.

By the way, this is not in a chronological order.

1. Life isn't about founding yourself

Life is about creating yourself. You don't need to limit yourself to fit into a certain aesthetic or lifestyle, you can be many things.

For example, I run this lifestyle/lowkey fitness blog and at the same time that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy going out and partying or drinking wine and eating pasta, but I have simply realized my priorities, it is also a part of growing up.

Other examples are I listen to rock n' roll, but I dress trendy and classy (at least I'm trying!). I have many acquaintances, but still, I prefer a company of close friends. 

What I'm trying to say, life is full of different things, don't be just one thing, be many things and expand yourself by experiencing different stuff.

2. Fortune favours the brave

This is a Latin quote: "Audentis fortuna iuvat."  meaning fear is unnecessary, and happiness and wealth of any kind go to the brave ones. There is no point in being afraid because life is really one and we need to learn to live it bravely.

If you get anxious or afraid just remember this, it will help you because anxiety is equal to fear. So, don't be afraid, you got this!

3. Sometimes you need to keep your goals to yourself

This doesn't mean that you are in need of doing some secret agenda, but rather that you understand your goals. Unfortunately sometimes if you share your goals and wishes with some people, they might put you down and tell you that what you want is unrealistic, but if you believe in yourself anything is possible.

4. Belief is powerful

Similar to my last few words of the sentence above, belief is very important. If you believe you are weak, lame or fearful, you will be exactly that. You need to put yourself up and tell yourself each morning that you are worthy and strong and that life is worth living because you know your goals.

5. Having daily goals is more important than having a 5-year plan

I'm not telling you that you can't have a plan for five years from now, but most people don't even know what they want to do this year.

Life can be unpredictable at times and I believe it is more important to have daily, weekly and monthly goals than those from the further future.

First, it makes you more present and content and second, you feel accomplished on a daily basis. 

Still, try to have at least a small image of what you want to be by the end of this year so, you can realize the small steps before.

For example, this autumn I want to go to college and in order to get there I need to work on my confidence and obviously, I need to study for my final exam.

Don't get me wrong, you can have a 5-year plan, but if you feel that you don't have it, don't worry, go with a flow, you will realize it sooner or later.

6. It's good to be unapologetic

Sometimes you need not care and stand up for yourself and if that makes you look rude or unapologetic, it doesn't matter because it just means that you have character.

I'm still working on this, but lately, I've been better. I don't need to agree with everything and listen to everyone.

7. Step out of your comfort zone

I know I said that everything I've stated here is important, but somehow this one combines all of them. Step out of your comfort zone and expand it! You don't need to be afraid, life is one, try new things, do that thing you are afraid of right now and when it's over, you will be thankful.

8. It's okay to open up

Stop pushing your emotions down, learn that people won't hurt you and that there are those sweet and real people that you can trust and open up to. This is a process that I'm still learning so, I didn't completely master it, but last week I had a conversation with my best friend and I've never been more honest to her and guess what, I felt such relief!

9. In healthy body is a healthy mind

We have this quote in Croatian: "U zdravom tijelu, zdrav duh." I don't know if English speakers use it, but I've heard it here million times and it's really true. 

When you take care of yourself from the outside, you are automatically taking care of your spirit. Eat healthy, workout and stretch and you'll see that your mind will be thankful.

10. Small moments matter

Laughing with your family and friends on banal things and just walking outside in nature can be the best stress relief there is so, appreciate small moments in life because they matter.

11. Laugh it off

Similar to the previous one, just laugh it off. Laughing is really the best stress relief, I'm telling you again, just go with a flow and stop being so grumpy. I know it's easier said than done, but it's possible.
Start with your body language first, once you seem open and like you are having fun, you really will start feeling that way.

12. Be grateful

Some time ago you wished for the things you have now and that is why it's important to be grateful now because you focus on positive and when you are positive, new things are coming your way.

13. Don't beat yourself up

We all made mistakes and we can almost change everything in our lifetime except the past. You had embarrassed yourself, you skipped something, you didn't eat healthy the other day, it's okay, don't worry, tomorrow is always a new day and your opportunity to fix it.

14. People will judge you no matter what

I'm sure you heard a saying that not everyone will like you and it's absolutely true. You don't need to be liked by everyone. And let's face it, you probably don't like everyone either and so what? Just don't care and do what you love.

15. You don't have control over everything

It's important to realize (just like everything else in this post, I know) that you won't always know what's going to happen. Once you accept that you have no control over everything and finally see something good in it, it gets better. Unpredictability is the beauty of life, it wouldn't be fun if we knew it all.

16. Just do it!

Whatever is in your mind at the moment and you are scared to do it, go all Shia LaBeouf on it and "JUST DO IT!"! What's the worst case scenario? Probably not so bad, then imagine the best one and then, get realistic one and then you see that nothing really bad will happen.

17. Music is the best past-time

I just love listening to music, it makes me happy, it makes me feel better, but it always relaxes me. So, listen to some music if you feel tense or unease. It'll help.

18. Write it down

No matter how you are feeling right now, write it down, own a diary, own a bullet journal. Write down your goals, your plans and your past mistakes you've learned from and it will become a good habit you'll love.

19. Never stop learning

Finally, to the last one. Honestly, I don't think I've learned anything else past 19th number. So, this one is: never stop learning. It's time to live in a new age of my life and it's time to learn even better things.

What are some things you have learned in the past years? Share your knowledge in the comments.

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'Til the next time
Nora xx

22 Mar 2018

Hey guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Yesterday I went to a grocery store and I bought some healthy goods for this week’s breakfasts.

You must be wondering sometimes what groceries to buy for a healthy breakfast and why are they even healthy and that is why I made this post.

I absolutely adore grocery shopping, it sounds like the lamest thing, doesn’t it? But I just love the feeling of buying good foods that will benefit my mind and body later.

Just a little disclaimer first, all these products were bought at the local supermarket and most labels are Croatian or German that is why I translated for you what it says.

Different varieties of teas

I just love drinking tea and instead of choosing usual flavours such English breakfast, pomegranate or green tea, I decided to do something new and bought raspberry & mangosteen, cranberry & passion fruit and wild berries flavoured teas. 

The benefits of raspberry and mangosteen tea are fighting cancer and heart diseases, a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, it also lowers blood sugar to keep diabetes under control and one very important for teenagers and people in early twenties, it reduces acne!

Cranberry and passion fruit tea is great for boosting immunity and preventing cancer. It is also a source of vitamin A, it's great for bloating because it aids digestion, it protects your teeth if you have gingivitis (still, visit the dentist!) and if you are stressful or have anxiety it lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. 

And the last, but not the least, wild berries tea is a mixture of cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. It helps in reducing acne, helps in stopping bloating, prevents cancer, helps in creating a healthy digestive system, protects the heart and much more!

Plant-based milk products

Alpro might be my favorite vegan-friendly manufacturer. It is a label based on plant-based alternatives for regular dairy products such as milk, yoghurts, puddings and more.

I bought Oat milk which I absolutely adore and might be my favorite plant-based milk alongside rice one which I didn't buy today.

Coconut chocolate milk isn't my favorite, to be honest, it is much thicker than other kinds of milk. Still, I will continue using it in my morning oatmeal if I feel that I want chocolate flavour.

Then, there is almond milk and I am one to blame, I still haven't tasted it! Technically, I did when I made a homemade one with blender (mix almonds and water), but not the one from the store.

Here in the photo is missing vanilla soy milk which is also thick, but I just love the vanilla taste so, I used all of it last week. 

Instant oatmeal 

Besides regular oatmeal, I still love instant oatmeal, why? Because it is fast and all the good flavours are already in it so, you don't need to bother to add anything, even though sometimes I add extra bananas or apples on top. I chose oatmeal with raspberries and chocolate from German label Dr.Oetker which I love. 

I tried multiple different instant oatmeals, but still not the ones from this label and I honestly can't wait for the next morning to try it. Also, both come with chia seeds!

Regular Oats

These oats are from German label Bruggen and they are only about $1,5 dollars which means they are the cheapest oats in the supermarket.

I like to prepare them by taking about 50-60 grams of them, then I put them into the deep plate and pour them with water until they are completely covered. Then I put them in the microwave for a minute or a minute and a half. After that, I take them out and put any fruit on them, most likely bananas and sprinkle them with cinnamon.

Benefits of oats are that they are incredibly nutritious, they lower cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar control and they make your skin clearer. Also, they are great for weight loss since they are both healthy and make you full quicker than other foods.

It really makes a perfect breakfast.


Definitely, the most important part of every breakfast is fruits! Since it's early spring (a happy first day of spring by the way), there were limited kinds of fruit at the supermarket so, I chose what I love the most: bananas and pears. 

One of the benefits of bananas is that they contain nutrients that moderate blood sugar which really helps anxiety and depression. Others are that they improve digestive health, help with weight loss, support heart health and much more.

The benefits of pears are that they improve digestion, help weight loss and boost immunity and help heart health. And of course, they are rich in antioxidants.

I thought to add apples, but I am so sick of them since we have a dozen of them at home.

Bonus: Healthy bars

These two snack bars just looked too good not to buy them! The first one with peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, honey and extruded cereals is from similarly titled Nuts & Honey Slovak Quality label. I still haven't tried it, but I can't wait to do it this mid-morning.

The other one is from Tekmar, it is musli in yoghurt and honestly, I can't decide which one to eat first!

What foods do you buy for your breakfast? Tell me in the comments!

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'Til the next time,
Nora xx

19 Mar 2018

For the past few years I’ve been promising myself that I will start running, but as life was always busy and I didn’t have much motivation because my only reasons to start running were purely physical and all I wanted was to lose weight, I never started. 

And now, life isn’t the most appealing one still, I can’t say my situation is the worst because you never know what others are going through, but it could be better.

Anyhow, my reasons today are those of mental and emotional foundation. I want to feel better, gain confidence and overall, be healthier so I finally made myself go for a run and I truly enjoyed it this afternoon.

To make it all cooler, today marks one month since I started Project Headway!

Before we start talking more about the mental part of the motivation, let's talking about the "materialistic" one.

Yes, materialistic. This weekend I went to a sport's clothing store and bought a sports bra, Nike top for running, running hoodie and the most comfortable leggings of all time:

By the way, I already had Addidas sneakers. 

What I’m trying to say in this post is; if you want to start running, working out or eating better and your main reason is only to lose or gain weight, it’s most likely that you won’t succeed. 

Don’t get discouraged though! Maybe you have such motivation to lose weight that you are willing to “sacrifice” anything to get to your goal and if by nature you are a determined person you will definitely lose it. 

But let’s face it, chances are you are not and that you need better motivation. So, here I am to help you.

Think about yourself for a minute, what was your mood lately? Was your confidence level high? Were you anxious and scared or sad and depressed, maybe angry or you simply felt a little down. Then, you have a high chance to lose or gain weight or just become a fitter person because finally, your reasons are something besides the looks. 

Stay motivated, dedicated and the results will come! 

Yes, I know that I make it sound so easy and in reality, it’s not, it takes time to get used to new things and the same thing is for fitness. 

Yet fitness is not just about working out, it's about food as well. Actually, food is almost the most important factor.

It’s all about the mindset, once you have pretty good reasons to get better at this or anything else in life in general, you can really make it happen!

Here is a trick, one simple sentence that a fitness coach said on TV today that really changed the way I was thinking about my eating: “If you can’t control your eating habits, you probably have no control over anything else.” Happy people simply don’t necessary indulge, happy healthy people. 

You see what I’m talking about? You are the one who takes the first step towards your happiness so, indeed, this is all in your mind.

You have to take your life in your hands and finally do something about it, even if it’s not a healthier lifestyle (but I still secretly hope you consider it) because we both know you are suffering and life isn’t about that.

Life is about finding love and happiness in all shapes and sizes and once you do something like this, you simply become happier and you start loving yourself more.

I hope this post inspires you, that finally you will do something about your life either it being running or studying more or whatever really because life is short and you need to make it count and I believe you can!

Are you going to start running or exercising or just simply start eating healthier?

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‘Til the next time,
Nora xx

17 Mar 2018

My blog is not yet a month old and I am fortunate enough to say that I got a few very nice comments which I appreciate so much. My first idea for this blog was to talk about my thoughts, people around me and issues inside me, but I was too afraid to write about myself and I quickly edited About me page and my first post

And here am I, almost one month later not being who I wanted to be and just writing about tips and tricks for you guys. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing those for you, but I feel as if my page is turning into a tinybuddha.com which I haven't nothing against, I read it almost daily.

Okay, I don't know how to put this into words so, I'll just say it this way... My blog is not me, it seems fake, it seems too official. It feels as if I am writing just for the views and comments and I don't want to be like that.

Do you know what I mean? It feels wrong. I made this blog to write about my feelings and thoughts and share it with you, but don't worry, I still want to share with you the ways I found to overcome my fears and all other great tips. I want to be a real inspiration to you, not a fake one. That is why from now on this blog will be less official and more honest and raw.

I hope you like the idea. Today's post is pretty short, but tomorrow I'll start writing about real stuff and in the meantime, I might edit the blog's template.

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day.

'Til the next time,
Nora xx 

15 Mar 2018

On Twitter, you voted for me to do a morning routine which makes me feel accomplished.

Since I had a lot of free time in the past few months I would wake up at 11 a.m. or noon. It made my day feel unproductive, saggy and dull. I continued that way until I've realized it was time to start truly living and quit Instagram scrolling 'til the late hours of the night.

Make sure to read the whole post to see what really makes you feel the most wonderful feeling, the feeling of accomplishment.

1. Sleep earlier

And there was my first decision, I would go to sleep before 1:00 a.m.

I know it sounds ridiculous since those hours are still late, but for me, in order to get used to something I need to take things slower. Still, don't them too slow, you will need to go to sleep earlier, but no matter, if you force yourself or if not your body will need extra rest after you apply the next step.

Before you do that, check out this bonus tip:
  • If you are going to sleep let's say at 11:15 p.m. and you really want to scroll through your Instagram, watch a Youtube video or do whatever on your phone (or tablet, laptop etc.), set an alarm at the time you want to turn off your phone and go to sleep exactly then.

2. Wake up earlier

I know you've heard these two tips thousand times, but there is simply no good morning routine if you don't wake up early. And that is why I've finally made a decision to wake up at least before 9. The same thing as above, it will take some time for me to start waking up before 8 and until then I'm happy that I had stopped eating lunch for breakfast.

So, what you need to do here? Nothing, just wake up before 9:00 a.m. and if you are a lazier person like me try to do this trick: slowly and surely get used to things.

What does this give you? First, it gives you confidence that you can accomplish whatever you want, no matter how small this might seem at a beginning, it's a big step towards your self-improvement.

3. Take a Shower and Complete the Hygene part

When you feel good, you look good, when you look good, you feel good. Complicated as it sounds, might be the realest quote out there.

Take a shower first thing in the morning, not only will you feel hydrated, but also achieved one more time. This gives you a feeling that you are not lazy, that you take of your body and that is the feeling of accomplishment.

Also if you use makeup, make yourself look pretty first thing so you gain some confidence right away.

4. Make a healthy breakfast & drink this:

The importance of healthy breakfast... I'm sure you've heard it million times, but why is it so important?

First of all, it will make you feel full and then you will eat less throughout the day, second of all it will make you feel exactly what we've been talking about in this post: accomplished. You will actually make yourself something. No matter is it oatmeal or scrambled eggs, you got yourself going.

I think you already understand how important it is for you to feel like that in order to gain confidence instantly in the morning.

One bonus tip: drink warm water either with lemons or apple cider vinegar. Those two ingredients are super alkaline and will make your digestion going on! Also, both of those liquids will make your acne go away.

5. The really most important one: Do something you hate

By this, I mean for you to do something you've been delaying for a while because it doesn't make you feel comfortable.

For example, yoga. This morning I did stress relief yoga and it made me feel so good today! I've been thinking of doing this for so long and would procrastinate, but I've found a way to motivate myself - my health.

Most likely, the thing you hate the most is an activity, maybe it's working out, maybe it's meditating, maybe it's yoga, maybe it's just walking to the store or seeing an old friend. No matter which situation is yours, do it!

Do this next or this morning if it is morning where you live.

And that's it! Thank you for reading this and I hope your morning was/is/will be wonderful always.

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With love,

12 Mar 2018

Whether or not you believe in law of attraction, a principle that says: "believe and you shall receive.", you must believe in affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Without going further about the law, in this post I will talk about pure affirmations. Affirmations are not something you say once a day, you write it on a piece of paper and say it out loud and suddenly your whole life gets better.

Sure, it helps to write it down and say it so your subconscious mind hears it, but in order for them to show some results, you need not just say them once or twice a day, but also think about them all day long.

Today, I'm not talking about affirmations such as "(name) is in love with me" or "I have million dollars". I am talking about everyday affirmations you are saying to yourself about the way you feel.

So, to finally answer, an affirmation is every word you say in your head during the day. Every single one! Now, don't get paranoid, I still think bad thoughts, but I'm working on it and a few of them won't hurt you, but the majority will.

Think about it, when you wake up in the morning and you are rushing to your school or office and you forgot the keys or your cell phone and the first thing you say to yourself is: "Ugh, you idiot! You forget everything!" And since you repeat it every single morning and unconsciously you insult yourself every single day your mind really starts believing it and once it believes it, it manifests (or if you don't want me to use these kind of words), it becomes true, you are putting yourself down and then you forever believe that you are an idiot who always forgets its things.

Now, you must be wondering... I stay the same forever? No, that is the beauty of affirmations, you can change them at any moment.

So, for a small exercise, I suggest you instead of insulting your own self, try to say: "I forgot the keys, it's okay, I'm gonna go back to the house and get them."

The same thing goes for those who are anxious or depressed, the majority of their thoughts is bad otherwise they wouldn't be neither. They would be relaxed and happy. If you are one of those people as I am (or I used to be (I'll talk about the "used to be" term in the future posts)) you must find a way to think more positive.

I know it's hard, I know you don't want to do anything let alone force yourself to think positive, but if you just try everyday to replace at least few negative sentences in your mind with positive ones, slowly, but surely you will change for better.

If you are thinking right now: "No, I can't do that or this; I am too clumsy; I am too afraid..." Just replace those thoughts with: "Yes, I can do anything; I am skilled; I want new challenges..." and by doing it more often and often, your brain will start believing it and eventually, you will be less afraid and less depressed.

One more bonus tip: Do not use negative words such as: "I am not anxious." because your brain focuses on the word "anxious" and then you picture it in your head. Instead use: "I am calm." or "I am relaxed." and your brain will see those things and it will start believing it!

Hell, I believe in you! And I believe that you can do whatever it is that you have on your mind, no matter how tough it may seem, it's easy if you believe it, but first affirm it!

And now, a little update on my Improving my life in 365 days challenge!

I started this challenge on last Thursday, but I counted last four days of the week as week 1, so I am on a day 5 of the second week.

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'Til the next time,

9 Mar 2018

On Twitter, I asked you to vote for which post should make and most votes went to "2018 goals".

My biggest question this year for myself was; What do I even want? Don't get me wrong, I sort of knew what I wanted, but I wasn't sure where to start, how to do it and most of my goals I would set too high.

Many tell you to set the biggest goals and I still think that's amazing because that is what I'm doing for myself, but if you set the goals too high you might fall at your first failed try and drown in disappointment.

Think about it, your goal was maybe to lose weight this year. Let's say 20 pounds and you set yourself that you will lose those 20 pounds in the first two months by eating healthy and exercising.

And then what happened? On January 1st you were hangovered, on January 2nd you went out again and then on January 3rd you thought that takeaway won't hurt you. You repeated the same mistakes by January 15th and now you were stuck in indecision and worry.

Why would you set the goal that you will lose 20 pounds by March 1st if you knew that tomorrow you are going to go eat out or be too lazy to cook and workout? Why didn't you say: I will lose these pounds by summer? Making it a much more realistic resolution.

We fail because we tell ourselves that this time it's going to be different, that this time you'll have more will power, that by the time clock hit midnight you immediately changed into another person.

Do you follow me? Once you realize that you probably won't change that drastically and that you need to take smaller steps, the disappointment won't exist.

Accept the fact that you're not perfect and that you can't change overnight. That is when you finally make change.

As I wrote in my journal: Don't be too hard on yourself, still don't be too easy on yourself. So, this doesn't only apply to weight loss or weight gain, this can be applied on any other goal.

The most important thing is give yourself time for goals that need it and find balance, it's all life is about.

An example here is if you want to get better at school or college. If you are lazy, you probably won't study a week before the next exam. So, for your next assignment study two days ahead or at least study twice in a same day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening, give yourself breaks, just tell yourself that you can do it and eventually you will create a habit of studying smarter.

And the other most important thing is motivation. We as humans are jealous by nature and therefore jealousy drives us in certain ways, but if we want to take the veil and turn jealousy into something good, all we have to do is to use it to motivate ourselves by using an example of more successful people, people that we're jealous of.

Use time and jealousy in your favor and you will be who you always wanted to be.

Besides all that, today is also day 2 of "Improving my life in 365 days" series meaning I have 363 days left. Yesterday on International Women's Day was my day one and it was a pretty good day.

I exercised, ate the healthiest I could considering I went to cafe and movies later with my best friend and most importantly, I stayed positive.

Still, that doesn't mean that yesterday I didn't feel off and sad, but still I managed to have a good day and I think that's great.

All I applied and all I'm still applying to make 2018 my year and beyond are those two tips, now using jealousy isn't the best thing, but to prove others wrong is almost as good as proving our own selves.

What do you think about these tips? Tell me more in the comments and in the meantime follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

7 Mar 2018

A double post today since I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award.

It's also a lot - get to know me.

1. What do you consider to be your biggest strength? 

Most likely my ability to never give up. I've failed millions of times, but somehow I would rise up again always and currently I am in the rising part. I understand that there is no perfection, only improvement and that is what keeps me going. And also my ability to understand things, understand and come at peace with certain struggles and fears.

2.If you could pick up and master any skill in just one day, what skill would it be? (Playing an instrument, speaking a language? Etc)

Probably singing since then I would automatically know what my career path is. I do sing average, nothing extraordinary or special, but that would probably be the skill I'd love to be able to do much better. If I may add another skill it would be drawing better, still I can work on that one if I want.

3. What is the best place you have visited as a tourist and why?

I can't really answer this because I didn't travel a lot in the past eighteen years, but ask me this in the next eighteen when I see half of the world.

4. What are your three favourite films?

This is a tough question since the list is huge, but I'd say in non-particular order: Stealing Beauty (1996), Almost Famous (2000) and Cruel Intentions (1999). The reason is not just about these films, but because they represent certain eras in my life.

5. List 3 fun things you would like to do before you die. 

-Kiss under the rain
-Sleep in a castle
-Learn to dance

6. If you could go back in time to any point in history, and stay there for 24 hours, just 
observing, where would you go and why?

Italy during Renaissance. It is just the wildest, most beautiful and interesting era in human history in my opinion. Okay, maybe not "the most" in everything, but I just love the way it seemed, but of course I'd like to be under some kind of protection spell or a noblewoman because to survive 24 hours in Renaissance Rome most likely wouldn't be the easiest thing to do.

7. What is the most you have ever won or lost in one session of gambling or on a bet? 

I never gambled so, I can't answer this question.

8. What is your most prized material possession?

Without counting my parents' possessions probably my €200 watch.

9. What are your main goals (not blog related) for 2018?
To get out of my comfort zone, travel and fall in love.

10. Who is the most famous person you have met face to face? Briefly describe the encounter.

It was a Croatian singer Davor Gobac back in 2014 when he visited my grandparents' hometown for a festival. He was friendly and funny.

11. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Vodka, red wine and Red Label because I can't choose.

That was my get to know me tag and I was nominated by www.aclassicgent.co.uk  and now I nominated certain bloggers on my Twitter and here are the questions for them:

  1. What’s the craziest conversation you’ve overheard? 
  2. What tips or tricks have you picked up from your job / jobs?
  3. If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?
  4. How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?
  5. What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  6. What’s the most pleasant sounding accent?
  7. Who do you feel like you know even though you’ve never met them?
  8. What’s the most historic thing that has happened in your lifetime?
  9. What scientific discovery would change the course of humanity overnight if it was discovered?
  10. If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to look like?
  11. What do you think could be done to improve the media?

When I started this blog, my initial idea was to do this, to track my progress when it comes to fears, weight loss and other problems in my life. I wanted to track my self-improvement.

The idea was shuttered because I thought that nobody cares about what I'm going through, but then I realized that so many people are going through similar thing that I'm going through and why wouldn't I be an example that success is possible and achieved through small victories.

Initially as well I wanted to call this CHANGING my life in 365 days, but the I realized it just wasn't necessary. Change seems forceful, the word  improvement says growth and that is what I need.

So, here it is IMPROVING MY LIFE IN 365 DAYS 

By March 8th, 2019 I will be improved so much in every area of my life. I will be fitter, I will feel better emotionally and physically and I will do many things.

But even if I don't reach perfection when it's not even necessary, I still will be improved at least 80% than this year and finally reach the feeling of satisfaction.

Everyone says they will change this year or next year or in ten years, but I saw a wise quote that one said: "If you are wondering what are you going to feel in year five, you are not going to feel anything in year one." 

Think about it, if you are constantly thinking about future, but you are not doing anything about it in this very moment, the future remains the same because the future is the consequence of the present decisions.

Here it is Day 0 today since my journey (I hate this word) progress (what about this one?) is starting tomorrow March 8th, 2018, unintentionally on International Women's Day.

Things I will change in my life this week and since I have only four days left, the list is not the longest:

Here are my goals for the first month of the trimester, March:

1. Eating habits
2. Spending time outside
3. Hanging out with friends
4. Study
5. Walking daily
6. Morning routine
7. Buying a laptop
8. Become healthier
9. Getting my Instagram aesthetic

Th emost important task for this week is to stop beating myself up. It's the most useless thing and if I don't this perfectly that doesn't mean that I failed because I will get back on my feet again.

Do something amazing this week!

I will update this on next Wednesday until then stay tuned by following me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

4 Mar 2018

This past week wasn't the best one of my life exactly, still I can't say it was the worst one, but it definitely wasn't in my top ten that's for sure.

I didn't stick to any routine like the week before and the weather was rainy and the skies were grey which just made me feel even sadder. I spent the week in overthinking, fortunately there is one good thing when it comes to overthinking - eventually, you will realize the issues especially if you have extra free time like me.

I didn't leave my house that often except for school because the weather made me depressed and the thoughts of the future a little anxious, I would say. I was scrolling through my Instagram and was looking at these photos of my locals and other people from around the world and I kept thinking how wonderful lives they must lead. God, even if they are not wonderful, at least they have wonderful accounts and earn money or least they look good and have many friends. I'd rather be sad during those circumstances than my current ones.

But... finally, in the agony of Instagram perfection, I have realized what was making me sad for so long - comparison.

Some people manage to have their lives seem so golden, so aesthetically pleasing, so effortless, yes, that's the best word - effortless. They make it seem so easy to have fun and have boyfriends/girlfriends, go to the expensive restaurants each week, eat desserts, yet thrive at the gym and have their perfect bodies.

And then there are others, us, the ones whose lives are left in pending, whose lives we are trying to make better, we, who are in progress. We can't achieve hundred percent success overnight, we are in progress and we can't compare ourselves to the ones that had passed these hard times.

We need to realize that the only way we can stay on track is to stop comparing ourselves with the ones in totally different situations. For example, think about pears and apples, they seem similar in the beginning until apples become rounder and pears get this trianglesque shape. They were both born as seeds, but as they are developing and growing, they change their tastes and shapes and go in different ways, the same thing is with humans. We are all coming from different types of lives, we have all been through something different. I hope this comparison makes sense, anyway...

You have to realize once and for all, if you want to look like those Instagram models or any other role model that you might have in your life right now, you need to stop comparing yourself with that person, but you can stay inspired, you can still look at their photos and see yourself as living the similar life in future, but your progress is different, you can't compare yourself to someone that is already at the finish line while you are at the beginner's level.

Stay inspired, but don't be compare.

Comparison is sneaky, it makes you feel guilty so you give up quickly. Don't give up!

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